starterhome Project: Starter Home 
Award: Affordable Homes Competitions
Location: New Zealand

Finalist in Department of Building and Housing, Affordable Homes Compeition  <more>

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craymed Project: The Cray Shed 
Award: NZIA 2003 Local Awards
Press: 100 Top Houses From Down Under | 100 More Of The Worlds Top Houses | Trends Magazine
Location: Pauanui

A holiday home to accommodate two families in the sunny Coromandel. Inspired from a wharf shed building, the living areas focus on a large open fire able to be enjoyed from the inside and out.  <more>

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george1med Project: Eleven George
Award: Trends Commercial Design Awards 2006 - Highly Recommended
Press: Trends Magazine
Location: Auckland
A simple, modern apartment building that celebrates its park-side location. Creative design using reflective light shafts, and glazed walls that allow views through open-plan living areas, overcame the challenge of getting natural light into deep units.  <more>