Dalefield House Queenstown - 2010

This commission was for a home set in rural Dalefield, Queenstown, overlooking simple agricultural lean-to utility structures. I have tried to blend this building context, giving it a high-tech edge. The main living form puts its shoulder to the winds and opens up to the Coronet views.

This unpretentious home, sits into the landscape, using timeless materials of zinc, concrete, cedar and glass. It was our first commission where we could express our commitment to "Total Design", where we were able to design the kitchen, bathrooms, tiling, lighting, laundry etc, right thru to the clothes line. Everything is bespoke to deliver a consistent and coordinated aesthetic.

It was also our first opportunity to deliver a sustainable design that incorporated many firsts for ourselves. Double concrete slab floor, higher insulation levels throughout and mechanical heart transfer to the living areas. The result captures and reflects its environment, when looking at and from, this collection of utility structures.


We really enjoyed working with Tony and the Koia team both on the house and our recent Studio/Gym extension which incorporated all the same treatments and values expressed in the home which continues to look as good as the day it was completed.

— Jamie & Sue