Millbrook House 1 Millbrook, Central Otago - 2011

This was our first Millbrook house, at the Millbrook Resort, just outside of Arrowtown.The clients wanted a refined country, inter-generational home, to accomodate their adult children and hopefully, grandchildren. Like many of these homes, they are built to be kept and this suits our 'Whole of Life' approach to designing and building homes. In fact it was the clients desire to have a slate roof, that really started this thought process. Slate has a life expectancy of 400 years. So the question becomes,'how long should the walls remain standing?' If villas in New Zealand can last for 100 years, how long should a modern house last? At Koia Architects, we think we should be thinking of 200 years, not 50 years as the minimum code requirement.

This is another home built for all weather conditions, which encourages robust solutions. Slate, schist, cedar and plaster finishes are used throughout. A home designed to accommodate two people or many, a kitchen with butlers pantry allows you to achieve either seamlessly. 'Total Design' throughout allowed us to create our own skirting, architraces and cornice. Bespoke doors, laundry, kitchen, storage and drying areas means that everything is considered and resolved elegantly.

John and I are both really pleased with the house and the whole process has been a pleasure. Thank you for listening to what I had to say and your time in working through all the details with me. I hope that you are as proud of the house as we are and we thank you for what we have created.

— John & Jennifer